Praise & Appreciation from some of our many clients

Hi Larry,

Just a quick note to express my thanks to and admiration of one of your team members, Joe Giannola.

Last night, laden with Christmas shopping bags, I raced from Manhattan to Lowery Liquors in Sunnyside, Queens to make the 5p.m. deadline for the Jack Daniels engraving event- an event that I've taken advantage of every year since they began offering it.

And over the years, I've bought engraved bottles for everyone from my doorman to my doctors to my French brother-in-law in Annecy, France. And each time, my husband (who is also French and hails from the City of Light) has been with me, but we had never gotten one for him.

This Christmas, however, my husband will have a beautiful bottle of Woodford Reserve waiting for him under his N.Y. tree, thanks to the kindness and patience of Joe Giannola.

I won't recount all of the details here, but please know that there was a huge line of customers waiting for the engraving and they (we) all seemed to appear just a few minutes before "closing time".

Joe managed all of us- and the engraving process- with great aplomb, professional courtesy, personal kindness and good humor. I was so impressed by his calm manner and his wonderful ability to juggle the orders, the machine, the repeated questions and the clamoring customers amid the deadline, the tiny space and the overall hubbub of the shop.

He engaged us in conversation while working, making small talk with an older dental assistant, a big Russian guy who bought quite a few bottles, two young, hip couples and me, a business manager. He even gave us a quick primer on the new engraving machine and the accompanying laser technology, and told us a little bit about the Hart Agency and its mission. (In addition, he showed great dexterity in typing my engraving message in French!)

In my humble estimation as a former Recruiting Director for Goldman Sachs, I think Joe should be out there pitching your brand to both your existing client base and your prospective one. He's supremely poised and talented and evidently comes by his people skills naturally. Overall, he is just a terrific spokesperson for your business.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you will pass along my words of appreciation to Joe. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Best regards,
Trish Sheehan

"Since moving to the Hart Agency we have seen a dramatic improvement in the results of our promotions. The Hart Agency has become an indispensable business partner to Pernod Ricard in New York State. They have proved time and again that their relationships, people and commitment to excellence are unmatched. Not only have we come to trust their performance, we have also been impressed with their eagerness to ensure they understand our goals and expectations from the start."

-Greg Clement, Pernod Ricard USA

"Last night was flawless. Your girls are beautiful and awesome. They walked up on the catwalk with confidence and did an absolutely perfect job!"

Julie Deutsch, SVEDKA Vodka

"The Hart Agency had provided top notch models for all of Finlandia Vodka's needs in the New York Metro area. From simple sampling nights, to large scale trade shows, The Hart Agency has suited our every need."

-Shimain Rivera
Brand Ambassador, Finlandia Vodka

"Our promos go so smoothly. The Hart Agency is always on time, enthusiastic and willing to go above and beyond!"

-Cathy Napolitano, Crown Imports LLC

"I can think of no other promotional company that has ever challenged them in terms of creativity and execution. What we love most about the company is how versatile they can be. Whether it's a liquor promotion or you need 50 models for a fashion show, the Hart Agency always delivers."

Brian Rosenberg, Alrose Hotel Group

"The Hart Agency is 100% service oriented – their staff takes all the necessary steps to ensure that every promotion is handled down to the last detail & that every customers specific needs are always met & exceeded…I would certainly recommend them and plan to continue to use them for all of our marketing & promotional needs."

Patrick Larkin
Vice President, Voss Water USA

"The success we have had in our promotions can easily be attributed to the direct influence of the out-going, attractive qualities of the promotional models provided by The Hart Agency"

Ken Meyer
Vice President, Clare Rose

"Miller Brewing Company is constantly hosting promotions ranging from small to large and the Hart Agency is ready to meet our staffing needs"

Joe Gallagher
Business Coordinator, Miller Brewing Co.